Best Way To Get Rid Of The Baby Weight


Pregnancy and motherhood can be a beautiful process. Moms-to-be spend almost 10 months watching their bellies grow and feeling their baby/babies kick. Then the baby is delivered and the new mommies and daddies get to take their little one home. While this is all very sweet and life-changing, moms need to remember to take care of themselves during and after pregnancy.


It is recommended that women, at an average weight, gain between 25-35lbs during their pregnancies. Newborns usually weigh between 6-10lbs when they are born, so there is some extra weight that most mothers are left with after the delivery. So on top of having a new baby at home, moms also may want to think about what they will need to do to get back to their pre-pregnancy weight. *Note: In no way is it to be assumed that new moms are expected to “snap back,” so to speak, quickly after birth. Every woman should follow their own timeline.


Since most women strive to lose some weight a few months after having their baby, losing that baby weight is a common frustration among them. If you follow the suggestions in the following list, you are guaranteed to see results and get back to that pre-baby weight.


  • Drink A TON of water – keeping yourself well hydrated throughout the day is so important in weight loss. Most people confuse hunger pangs with thirst. Drink at least 8oz of water before indulging in a snack or meal to curb that hunger. And as a bonus to drinking a lot of water, breastfeeding moms will see a boost in their milk supply!
  • Decrease your daily caloric intake – While pregnant, eating extra calories is necessary for the health of the baby. Once that baby is out, though, you have to cut out those additional calories, and then some. This number will be different for each woman, but the enough of a deficit must be created between how many calories are taken in versus how many are burned off.
  • Get moving – After getting checked by the doctor, it is a good idea to start exercising again. This doesn’t have to be fancy or intense. Start with walking to get used to moving more, then increase the intensity with weight training or in-home workout videos that can be done while the baby naps. Make it a priority to exercise everyday if possible.
  • Set goals – Both short-term and long-term goals can help with staying on track. By charting weight-loss progress and adjusting goals as they are reached, it’s easier to stick with a diet plan. A lot of women give themselves rewards for hitting certain goals, which is helpful in staying focused.
  • Include your baby – Is the baby super clingy and not want to be put down? Or is he/she deciding not to nap today? Change around your workouts to accommodate your baby. For walking and jogging, bring baby along for a nice scenic experience. Mommy and me classes are also a great idea to involve your baby, give them attention, while also breaking a sweat.
  • Lift weights – Weight training is proven to burn more calories, build muscle and increase overall cardio endurance compared to other types of exercise. I would recommend using some accessories thought to make sure you don’t injure yourself during your workouts. I love using wrist wraps from Essential Fitness, the main reason being they have been voted the best wrist wraps of 2017. I would also go for a pair of knee wraps also to help keep your knees from bothering you from squats and other exercises.


Those are just a few suggestions to get started with trying to get rid of that stubborn baby weight. Remember to take it slow, be patient, and be consistent.

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Taking Your Fitness To The Next Level


Those new to fitness and those who have experience can have many wonderful resources in the universe of weight loss to choose from. You have a great number of diets, guides, brochures and courses to select from. This guide can help you become healthier by helping you learn how to lose weight safely. It is highly suggested that you review the following advice carefully and consult your physician before beginning any sort of new fitness plan I might add.When eating while staring at the television, you can wind up taking in a larger number of calories than anticipated. Distractions in general, including driving or texting while eating have also been shown to increase caloric intake. Alternatively, you should have your meals be placed on a kitchen table, regardless of if you are eating alone or not. Developing good eating habits can be a big benefit when beginning a diet.

As you may already know I’m a huge advocate of eating healthy to reach fitness and nutritional goals, but I also understand that not everyone wants nor needs to be vegan and or gluten free to lead healthier lives. So this will be less about any of that and more about some tips and strategies that can help you reach your fitness goals. Considering nutrition is the biggest component of any fitness accomplishments, this is something that most overlook and don’t give enough attention to.

Don’t Eat While Watching TV

When eating while staring at the television, you can wind up taking in a larger number of calories than anticipated. Distractions in general, including driving or texting while eating have also been shown to increase caloric intake. Alternatively, you should have your meals be placed on a kitchen table, regardless of if you are eating alone or not. Developing good eating habits can be a big benefit when beginning a diet.

Careful of What You Drink

You will remain hungry even after consuming that innocent-appearing beverage, which can have large numbers of calories. Use the weekends to treat yourself but be sure to cut back in another place. Each drink of a glass of wine, light beer, vodka, and soda have around 100 calories a serving. A good diet habit to always practice is to drink a glass of water.

Get More Sleep

Make better choices about the foods you eat by getting more rest. You will probably be a less likely culprit of snacking out of stress and fatigue when you have achieved the right amount of sleep. The likelihood of an increased weight gain will happen if you do not receive enough rest. Notwithstanding the considerable advantages a decent rest can have on your dietary patterns, it can likewise do a great deal for your daily cognitive function and demeanor.

Green Tea Is Great

In the event that you’re an avid coffee consumer, the very best thing you can do is make the switch to green tea. Excessive caffeine intake can cause dehydration or gains in water weight. Green tea, on the other hand, promotes stable weight and overall good health. You can often find decaffeinated tea at supermarkets.

Stock Up On Yogurt

If you want to shed pounds, consider adding yogurt, either low-fat or non-fat, to your daily diet. Yogurt’s fat burning properties are due to the cultures it contains. The cultures found in yogurt help burn fat but additionally contribute to helping digestion and helping improve the immune system. Tons of people give yogurt the credit for their dieting success.

Chewing your food more thoroughly has been shown to contribute to dieting. Chewing your food in a more thorough manner will help to make you feel fuller more quickly, and that means you’re much less likely to eat more than you really need. You’ll also find that your digestion improves when you chew your food slowly. There’s no hard and fast rule, but chewing each bite about 30 times seems to contribute to dieting.

Supplements Can Help

While it’s best to get your vitamins and minerals from food sources, vitamins can be beneficial if you aren’t able to do so. Sometimes what is ideal and what is actually feasible are different things, so supplements are a solid protocol if getting all your vitamins and minerals from food isn’t possible. If your goal is to lose weight and build muscle then you should perhaps look into one of the best test boosters of 2017, as these can help you reach your fitness goals.

I might also add that although we didn’t talk about exercising in this post, it is one of the best things you can do to improve your health and wellbeing. I just started using a new product in my workouts and I just had to share it with everyone. You may or may not know I started getting into Crossfit not that long ago and while I love doing it I was noticing my wrists were killing me from all the movements you tend to do. I found what I think is the best crossfit wrist wraps on the market from Essential Fitness and I must say my wrist issues are a thing of the past now. So if you are in need of something to help in that area, I highly recommend their products.

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